A Family Legacy

Berrien Concrete was started by four of the Berrien siblings who, collectively, have over 90 years of construction and management experience. They have built their skills and reputation on integrity and hard work. Today they are ready to dedicate their knowledge and expertise to your project.

Company History & Culture

In 2019, five Berrien siblings had a vision to create a next level concrete company together. Berrien Concrete LLC operating as BCI Co. will install sidewalks, driveways and curb & gutter for cities, commercial business and residential customers.  We specialize in ADA ramps and all owners will be certified by the end of 2020.  Raised in a Christian home with a total of 18 children, the values and hard work it would take to be a success were instilled in each of them from the start. Their father, Clarence R. Berrien Jr, was a carpenter by trade. He supported his family not only with his own construction company, but together with his children and beloved wife, they worked on various projects and jobs together. It was on those family projects and jobs that his children were taught the craft, and the importance of family values. Tragically Clarence R. Berrien died of an injury he received at work and left us at the young age of 54.  As each child has grown and ventured out into their own family life, they have taken the skills and ethics of their childhood and instilled it into their profession.

Meet Our Team

Berrien-Concrete-Lillian-StevensonLillian Stevenson


Lillian, who affectionately calls herself number 11 is another member of the team. Lillian joined the corporate world when she was 19 years old. She worked her way up from a part time sales associate to a highly skilled Service executive. During her time at AT&T she discovered her love of learning and completed over 400 hours of specialty business training. Her love for business drove her to find something that would challenge her skills and help her to continue to grow. When she was approached by her 4 brothers and asked to become the CEO of their new business it was a no brainer. Lillian is an expert in relationship, account, service and people management.

Berrien-Concrete-Jacob-BerrienJacob Berrien
COO, Project Manager


Jacob, the 8th oldest child also worked by his father’s side. While the challenges Jacob faced seemed insurmountable, undiagnosed dyslexia led to an inferior education, he continued to fight to achieve his goals. Jacob has never spoken or acted as if he was treated unfairly by the education system. He quickly learned he had skill with his hands and that his mind was especially gifted toward construction. Jacob went to the North Dakota oil fields as a general laborer, but his work ethic and skill helped him grow to a foreman. Jacob realized he enjoyed working with wood more than concrete, so he started his own construction business and is very successful. However, the dream of once again creating a family business and completing the family dream has brought him to our team. His construction background mixed with his knowledge of concrete are the reasons we have named him our COO.

Berrien Concrete - Jonathan BerrienJonathan Berrien
CTO, Senior Field Superintendent


Jonathan, the sixth oldest child, worked by his fathers’ side for most of his upbringing and early adult life. He can remember on the weekends as a child, going with his family and jacking up buildings to pour a new foundation, breathing new life into an old structure. As he grew up and started his own family, the importance of treating his clients, customers, and workers as family became a signature of his. He spent many years perfecting his trade working on remodeling hospitals or building new bridges, and on each project, he poured his considerable skills and knowledge into ensuring the best completed project possible. From union work in Michigan, to infrastructure in the oil fields of North Dakota, to remodeling projects in Georgia. It was his work in the oil field that developed his love for the craft of working concrete.  Starting as a foreman and quickly working his way up to superintendent Jon was quickly recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the concrete industry.  As Jonathan led his teams, he discovered that he had a unique ability to make concrete bend and move to his will.  His skill in this area helped him grow within the company.  His next step was to move to Texas as the head of his own division.  However, Jon chose family over career and stepped away from concrete.

Berrien Concrete - Kevin BerrienKevin Berrien
CTO, Senior Field Superintendent


Kevin, the youngest of the 18 children and the first and only of the boys to graduate College. Kevin also worked with his father learning carpentry skills and good work ethic. He was in the unfortunate position to see his siblings grow up and leave the house. He also had to graduate high school and college without the presents of his father. He was a fierce college football competitor and excelled at whatever he put his hands to. Kevin currently uses his skills running his fitness and personal training business. He has a unique eye for numbers and making nothing into something great. Kevin’s Business degree makes him quality candidate to join the Berrien Concrete team as CFO. Berrien concrete was lucky to have the inside track and acquire his skills on the team.

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